Updating Consent and Confidentiality in Genetic Practice Guidelines

posted on Wednesday, 18th January 2017   |   Not tagged.
Those of you at the BSGM annual conference will have heard about plans to update the 2011 document available here: (/media/678746/consent_and_confidentiality_2011.pdf) We are looking for members who are interested in being involved in updating this document, please could you let Anneke Lucassen (annekel@soton.ac.uk) or Alison Hall (alison.hall@phgfoundation.org) know if you are interested. We are also looking for someone to undertake a specific piece of work, namely to write a briefing paper about the document, identifying what is still current from the 2011 document, relevant contributions from research literature since then, and identification of key areas that need updating or including in the 2017 document. This would then form the basis of an expert meeting in spring 2017. We have some monies available to reimburse anyone wishing to undertake such a review freelance. Again, if you are interested, please contact above names with a short paragraph about why you would be the person to lead such a paper. Please respond by 31st January 2017

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