Start Date: 25/02/2019

End Date: 28/02/2019

Cost: USD 1533 - USD 1822

Venue: Meliá Nassau Beach All Inclusive, Nassau West Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas


Fusion Conferences

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00 44 1638 724137


The conference will bring together scientists working to better understand three-dimensional genome organization in various organisms, tissues, and cell states. Conference sessions will include: - Structure and function of subnuclear domains - Topogically Associated Domains (TADs) and similar domains - Signalling cues, cellular states and genome organization - DNA damage and spatial genome organization - Genome structure in health and disease - Workshop I: Genome editing and super-resolution microscopy - Workshop II: Chromosome conformation capture, sequencing and databases - Workshop III: Young scientists in the era of spatial genome organization, how to get published? Learning Objectives The conference has three main learning objectives. First, we will aim to clarify the factors and principles guiding the organization of the genome into domains and compartments and how this impacts genome expression and stability. Second, we will aim to better understand how and why genome structures are altered by signalling cues and cellular states. Third, we wish to clarify how the disruption of spatial genome organization contributes to pathobiology and disease. Target Audience This conference should be of interest to individuals seeking to understand the basic principles of spatial genome organization and how the disruption of this organization impacts health and disease. Those interested in learning or developing new technologies that help reveal more of the secrets of spatial genome organization should both benefit from and greatly enrich the conference. Attendees are expected to have a background in the basics of genetics, nuclear organization, microscopy, and sequencing. Scientific chairs: Karim Mekhail (University of Toronto) and Evi Soutoglou (IGBMC)