Start Date: 26/03/2018

End Date: 28/03/2018

Cost: Free

Venue: Wellcome Genome Campus


Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scinetific Confernces

Contact Details:

Wellcome Genome Campus Conferences
Hinxton, Cambridge
CB10 1RQ, UK
T +44 (0)1223 495100



The conference features the latest findings related to the genomic basis of rare diseases, providing powerful insights into human biology, disease mechanisms and therapeutic approaches. As genomic sequencing becomes more available in the hospital setting, we also examine the opportunities and challenges for clinical practice. This year’s programme will focus on the lessons learned from large-scale whole genome sequencing studies and discuss the new multiomic and single cell technologies that are having an impact on our understanding of rare diseases. There will also be the opportunity for bioinformaticians working in this area to showcase the innovative tools that they have developed. We will also include sessions on the legal and ethical issues around sharing patient data and explore the new therapeutic approaches to rare diseases. This conference provides an excellent multi-disciplinary forum for clinicians (consultants and trainees), research and clinical scientists, bioinformaticians and technology developers interested in understanding the impact of recent advances in genomics and technology on the care of patients with rare diseases. Deadlines: Early bird discount 4 Jan | Bursary 16 Jan | Abstract 30 Jan | Registration 27 Feb