Start Date: 07/02/2017

End Date: 09/02/2017

Cost: 80

Venue: Wellcome Genome Campus


Wellcome Genome Campus- Advanced Courses & Scientific Conferences

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We are pleased to announce the third in our series of courses for genetic counsellors. This course, supported by Health Education England, aims to meet the training needs of genetic counsellors as they upskill in response to the introduction of genomic sequencing in the clinic. The programme will provide an introduction to the fundamental aspects of genomics and bioinformatics that underpin clinical practice. It will focus on the use of sequencing in relation to diagnostics and has been designed specifically by genetic counsellors for genetic counsellors. There is a particular focus on learning how to do variant interpretation. Attendees will have the opportunity to work with sequence data and explore how it is created, analysed and delivered. There will be two workshop sessions focusing on case studies involving eye disorders and developmental disorders. An optional refresher session on molecular genetics will be held before the main programme commences – this offers an overview of all the terminology that will be built upon in the main course. The course is suitable for clinically practising genetic counsellors. Applications are welcome from international candidates but priority will be given to those working within the NHS. It has been designed so that it is relevant for use by genetic counsellors in their GCRB registration. To optimize discussions and interactions, numbers are limited; therefore, early application is advised. Please note that we may need to limit the number of places allocated to each centre/institute to increase diversity on the course.