Start Date: 22/06/2015

End Date: 26/06/2015

Cost: 500

Venue: Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK


Wellcome Trust

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This summer school will provide an introduction to the use of bioinformatics in biological research using publicly available data resources and tools. Participants will initially be introduced to a range of basic tools and resources applicable to a range of subject areas. To enable specific exploration of resources in a particular field of interest, participants will be divided into focused groups to work on a small project set by EMBL-EBI resource and research staff, ending in a presentation from each group on the final day of the course. The course will include training and mentoring provided by experts from EMBL-EBI and external institutes. The programme will be shaped according to participants’ research interests. Target audience This course is aimed at individuals working in biological disciplines who have little or no experience in bioinformatics. Applicants are expected to be embarking on bioinformatics related projects or need to use such approaches in their work. There will be a maximum of 30 participants and places will be awarded on merit. Registration is dependent on successful selection following the application process. Syllabus, tools and resources Participants will learn about: • Bioinformatics basics • Bioinformatics databases • Bioinformatics tools Learning objectives Following course completion participants should be able to: • Discuss applications of bioinformatics in biological research • Browse, search, and retrieve biological data from public repositories • Use appropriate bioinformatics tools to explore biological data • Comprehend some ways biological data can be stored, organised and interconverted Organising committee Laura Emery EMBL-EBI, UK Des Higgins Conway Institute University College Dublin, Ireland Sarah Morgan EMBL-EBI, UK William Pearson California Institute of Technology, USA