Start Date: 26/09/2016

End Date: 30/09/2016

Cost: 745

Venue: Wellcome Genome Campus, Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, CB10 1RQ, United Kingdom


Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences

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This includes both small-scale disease-specific studies and large-scale collaborative projects including those that can be used for analysis of multiple complex traits such as UK Biobank.

The course will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of the design and analysis of such studies. Each topic will include a lecture followed by a practical session in which state-of-the-art statistical software will be applied to relevant datasets. The practical sessions will illustrate the ideas presented in the lectures. All the software used will be freely available so that skills learned can be applied after the course.

The programme will include lecture and computer-based practical sessions covering the following topics:
Introduction to genetic association studies
Basic association analysis and meta-analysis
Quality control and population structure
Haplotype estimation and genotype imputation
Heritability and mixed models
Analysis of rare variants
Family-based association studies
Practical Sessions

Application and Bursary Deadline: 27 May