Start Date: 15/04/2014

End Date: 17/04/2014

Cost: Free

Venue: University of Oxford, UK



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Michael Smith for Biomarkers 2014

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Biomarkers-2014 is a designed cluster conference with the theme Diagnostic significance of the therapeutic bio-clinical molecule, and intending to ground scientific personnel from the area of applied biological sciences into computational & statistical analysis, genomics & proteomics, analytical & biophysical and microarray technologies. This conference will put forth the holistic scientific approach to validate the existing and development of novel biomarkers as to better understanding of diseases and diagnosis. The topics of discussion would include Types & Approaches for biomarker discovery, Cancer and blood biomarkers, Biomarkers in biomolecular imaging, Biomarkers in data analysis, clinical research & development, Biomarkers of exposure, response, & susceptibility and microbial infections & disorders.