Eligibility for membership

Membership is open to people over the age of eighteen professionally involved with human genetics or genomics.                                                                                   

Membership Criteria

1            Currently working or having previously worked for a healthcare provider or academic institution and

(a) providing or supporting the care of patients with genetic/genomic disorders or

(b) involved in human genetic/genomic researc hor

(c) researching the implications of genetic/ genomic practices on society.

(d) undertaking educational activities related to (a), (b) or (c).

2             Studying or training in one of the areas (a) to (c) listed above.

3              Has a proposer and seconder, both members of the BSGM (or evidence on CV which meets criteria 1 or 2). If application is being made to join a constituent group, either the proposer or seconder should be a member of the same constituent group.


Applying for membership

Further details are found here

The Constituent Societies

Members of the BSGM may also wish to join one of the three constituent groups: ·

These three groups represent defined sets of professional workers, and restrict membership to people who fit their professional profile. Members of these groups are automatically members of the BSGM, but you don't have to join any of the constituent groups to be a member of the BSGM.

For people interested in Cancer Genetics, they may also join an associate group, the Cancer Genetics Group (CGG).
For people interested in fetal genomics, they may also join an associate group, the UK Fetal Genomics Group.

Subscription rates for the membership year April 2018- March 2019 are:

Member of BSGM  £60
Member of BSGM and Association for Clinical Genetic Science (ACGS) £60
Member of BSGM and Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors (AGNC) £70
Member of BSGM and Clinical Genetics Society (CGS)    £70
Membership of Cancer Genetics Group may be added to any of the above groupings for an additional £15
Membership of Fetal Genomics Group may be added to any of the above groupings for an additional £15
Student membership of BSGM (and one of the above groups)  £20
ACGS Band 5 and below membership £20

Members may take out affiliate membership of the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) at a reduced rate 

Note: Members of the British Society for Genetic Medicine can claim a tax deduction on their annual subscription. This is approved by the Inland Revenue under Section 344 ITEPA 2003. 

The BSGM listing is under: Human Genetics, British Soc for, in the Section 344 ITEPA 2003