• 13th November 2019

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  • 11th March 2020

Description Are you responsible for managing your Medical Society or Association website or membership system? Are you interested in strategies to help increase user engagement? If the answer is ‘yes’ to either, or both, of these questions then this specialist workshop is ideal for you! Introduction; Medical Society websites possess massive potential for adding value, not only to their existing membership but also to potential new members and the wider medical community. There is even an opportunity to engage well with patients, their relatives and the general public thereby promoting the Society into the general community. However, if you suspect that your society website isn’t fully engaging with your membership or online visitors, where do you start? This specialised workshop is designed to help you gain a better understanding of how and where your current website may be underperforming and what you can do to elevate it to the next level. The number of attendees is limited to ensure high levels of participant interaction with all attendees receiving a valuable personalised report at the end of the workshop. Workshop Deliverables; On attending the workshop, we will help you to understand how to;  Understand and identify the critical factors that drive user engagement on Medical Society web sites  Identify how your Society website currently performs against these critical factors. We will capture this information as the workshop progresses  Understand the various solutions for addressing the website shortfalls identified. This will involve practical guidance based on established best practice  Produce, by the end of the workshop, a short report containing your individual web site’s performance profile in the form of a radar graph and supporting notes