Fabric Genomics

Fabric Genomics™ is a global computational genomics company offering end-to-end genomic data analysis and clinical reporting solutions for clinical labs, hospital labs, country sequencing programs, and life science companies. Fabric Genomics' analytic capabilities begin with raw data analysis and include the delivery of rapid, comprehensive insights for panels, exomes, and whole genomes. The company's suite of tools can process FASTQ or VCF files, providing alignment, variant calling, guideline-driven variant classification, variant annotation, and clinical reporting for hereditary diseases and oncology. Fabric Genomics' breakthrough Biograph technology enables accurate detection of structural variants and provides population-scale data mining capabilities.

The company was founded by scientists and industry pioneers in bioinformatics, large-scale genomics and molecular diagnostics and is headquartered in California, with offices in Seattle, Boston and London. By accelerating access to insights related to the cause of genetic diseases, Fabric Genomics is leading the way in precision healthcare.