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  • CGS Travel Awards

    CGS Travel Awards

    posted on 20th November 2017  |  0 Comments  |  Not tagged.

    Posted from: CGS

    CGS strives to support members by encouraging appliocations for travel awards and scholarships.

    These funds are available to assist members who are presenting work (spoken or poster) at National

    and International meetings.

    Awards available are as follows:

    up to £250 for UK meetings  

    up to £500 for European meetings 

    Priority is given to trainees but applications are also welcomed from Consultants

    There is a Robin Winter prize awarded for the best trainee presentation at the CGS Spring Meeting

    Please visit the 'CGS Awards' page for further details on how to apply

  • consent and confidentiality - briefing document

    consent and confidentiality - briefing document

    posted on 2nd October 2017  |  0 Comments  |  Not tagged.

    Posted from: BSGM

    This briefing document was commissioned by the BSGM to highlight areas of the 2011 consent and confidentiality in genetic practice guidance that may need revision. It also outlines where practice has changed significantly since the last version and recognises that genomic medicine now extends well beyond the specialty of clinical genetics

  • Human Germline Genome Editing article

    posted on 10th August 2017  |  0 Comments  |  Not tagged.

    Posted from: BSGM

    Please click here to see the article

    Anna Middleton on behalf of the AGNC and BSGM contributed to this position statement from the ASHG on genome editing which is very topical given recent media attention to the use of this technology in the context of embryos with variants predisposing to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

  • RCP final programme

    posted on 26th July 2017  |  0 Comments  |  Not tagged.

    Posted from: BSGM

    Please find here the RCP final programme for the event on the 8th March 2018 at the Royal College of Physicians.

  • BSGM response to Guardian article

    BSGM response to Guardian article

    posted on 20th July 2017  |  0 Comments  |  Not tagged.

    Posted from: BSGM

    The BSGM has responded to the recent guardian article 'We are all mutants now" 

    Please see the comments section at the end of the article for the BSGM response.


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  • Professor Rodney Harris

    posted 20th December 2017  |  0 Comments

    We were sorry to hear of the passing of one of our founding fathers, Professor Rodney Harris. This obituary from Professor Gareth Evans tells you more about his remarkable life.

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