Start Date: 11/09/2014

End Date: 19/09/2014

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Venue: Wellcome Trust Genome Campus


Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses

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This popular laboratory- and computer-based training course provides a comprehensive overview of the latest principles and techniques for exome sequencing, also known as pulldown, sequence capture and targeted sequencing. Participants will gain practical laboratory experience as well as training in downstream data analysis, interpretation and validation. Solution hybrid capture is used to enrich for all known exon sequences (the exome) or for customised regions from genomic DNA, for the purpose of sequencing the regions of interest. The enriched targets are sequenced using next generation technology to a high coverage and analysed for variants. For comparison, the concepts for array CGH (aCGH) will be covered as an approach for analysing somatic DNA copy number variation With increased use of analytical methods using DNA isolated from formalin fixed clinical samples, attention will be paid to the consequences of sample processing, including duration of exposure to formalin fixation.