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The BSGM (previously known as the BSHG) is an independent body representing UK human genetics professionals.

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  • Recommendations for the use of chromosome microarray in pregnancy

    9th August 2015

    A working group on behalf of the Joint Committee on Genomics in Medicine has published "Recommendations for the use of chromosome microarray in pregnancy".

    At the instigation of Dr Diana Wellesley, the JCGM organised a multidisciplinary meeting "New genomic technologies and pregnancy" in 2014. Proceeds of the meeting are available on the  RCPath website. The participants supported the use of CMA in pregnancy and the development of a national approach to the introduction of this technology into routine clinical practice.  A number of working groups were established after the meeting to develop national guidance.

    This report presents their recommendations. These are not intended to duplicate laboratory best-practice guidelines, and have followed a different process. The focus has been on achieving an evidence-based and consistent approach to the indications for testing, professional education, consent and patient and information, the laboratory platform and variant interpretation and reporting.

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  • The evolving role of the Clinical Geneticist

    8th August 2015

    The Clinical Genetics Society has published a document on "The evolving role of the Clinical Geneticist".

    Recognising the need to evolve and change (particularly as a result of new technologies in genomic sequencing), this report summarises the outcome of a workshop which focussed on defining the future role of the clinical geneticist by examining what other specialities will require from a clinical geneticist, which new roles should be acquired, the training needs to deliver these, new models of working and likely commissioning requirements.

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